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Test Day - Le Mans 2011

After an interruption of two years, we have retrieved with pleasure the test day of Le Mans 24 hours, held April 24th. This is an opportunity for manufacturers and teams to test cars innovations on Le Mans big track. Especially this year with the new regulation issued by the ACO.

It's also a way for "rookies" pilots, to achieve the minimum number of laps allowing them to be eligible for the race, before the qualification sessions in June.

Finally it is an opportunity for passionate fans to see the cars that will participate to the race.

A lot of innovations this year. Starting with the new Audi R18 with closed cockpit, that showed its maturity by performing the best time in 3'27"687. This does preclude anything because the time is not the main objective of that test day, and the first Peugeot 908 is only at 0.189 s. We will have a better idea of performance in race conditions at the Spa 1000 km on May 7th.
Few hybrid engine prototypes attended the test. For Peugeot Sport team, the 908 Hybrid was not present. Only the Oreca Swiss Hy Tech-Hybrid of the Hope Racing team has performed twenty laps, with a chrono at 21 s from the best ones.
In the new GTE Pro category (former GT1), the two new Lotus Evora have behaved honourably for their first public performance.

Regarding the general appearance of cars, lighting has been improved on the LMP, triple headlight for Peugeot and huge LED panel for Audi. Furthermore virtually all closed prototypes come now with large vertical fins between the cockpit and the rear wing, efficient on the aerodynamic stability in fast sections, but with questionable aesthetics.

A special mention for the Ferrari 458 Italia, superb GT car, signing 3 of the 4 best times in GTE Pro.

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