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Nato Tiger Meet 2011

As every year as part of the international NATO exercises, the squadrons having a tiger as emblem come together for the NATO Tiger Meet (NTM). According to tradition, some aircraft are decorated (on the theme of the Tiger of course).

This year the meeting was held on the base of BA103 at Cambrai (unfortunately the last time because the base will close end of 2011). On this occasion, the base hosts hundreds of photographers and enthusiasts for "Spotter days".

This is not an airshow, pilots and crews conducted their maneuvers out of sight, but the planes are so close, all the senses turn on. Eyes and ears are thrilled, you even feel the heat of the reactors and the aroma of kerosene.

Because operating in Libya, several squadrons were unable to attend. Then no Rafale, but Mirage 2000, F16 and F18, Tornado, Mig 29, etc.

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